SOLO BAR S10000 Disposable Vape Device

SOLO BAR S10000 is one of the most popular disposable device with dual mesh coil that offers normal mode and power mode to enrich your vaping feeling.

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Solobar X Disposable Vape Device

Stylish and elegant design with unrivaled flavors

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Brand Story/Philosophy

As a professional manufacturer of disposable vape pen and pod system, Solo Bar integrates design and manufacturing, and has its own understanding on quality, production and vape mouthfeel.


Quality First

As the sole tenet of our company, Quality First prompts us to form a 40-member team of quality control focusing on strict supplier selection, rigorous material sourcing that includes food-grade materials directly contact the mouth, and lastly, 100% full check on core parts. The total 7 procedures for product testing assure us to provide 1:1 after-sale service to customers


Mouthfeel as Our Foundation

We interpret Mouthfeel from Sweetness, Vapor Production, Taste, and Device Conformity. Each product goes through at least 3-month group testing from design to mass production. With over 5,000 times of testing by person, we eventually pick the one optimal from 20 candidates with different performance indexes.


Production Conformity

Right from the beginning of product design, our seasoned engineering team gives full consideration to possible issues during the manufacturing procedure and, be it pilot run or mass production, assures the conformity between samples and goods.

Perfecting every and each work procedure is not only the requirements on ourselves,
but also the promise for our customers.

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